• Somerset High School students benefit from a rich standards-based curriculum measured by both formative and summative assessments. The faculty of Somerset High School also aligns standards-based lessons with the school-wide learner outcomes known as the 4 C’s. Graduates of Somerset High School will have received extensive exposure and practice in the competencies of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.   

    1. Communicators: Students will demonstrate the mastery of effective standards-aligned communication skills by: 
    • Reading and comprehending a variety of materials 
    • Writing in a logical, coherent, and well-organized manner 
    • Listening for understanding and responding appropriately 
    • Creating intellectual, artistic, and practical products presented in a professional manner
    • Accessing and processing information utilizing current technology 
    • Synthesizing the information, skills, and concepts acquired through a variety of resources  and learning facilities 
    1.   Collaboration: Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of collaboration by:
    • Collaborating together during curricular and co-curricular learning activities.
    • Sharing thoughts and exchanging ideas with each other inside and outside the classroom 
    • Incorporating teamwork on specially assigned projects and during field learning experiences.
    1.   Critical Thinkers: Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of higher-order thinking skills by: 
    • Using creative and critical thinking skills across disciplines 
    • Applying problem-solving and decision-making skills to classroom curriculum and  working cooperatively with others
    1. Creativity: Students will demonstrate and model creativity by:   
    • Producing new, diverse and unique ideas
    • Thinking creatively and looking at things from a different perspective and not being restricted by rules, customs, or norms
    • Using a wide range of idea creation techniques.
    • Creating new and worthwhile ideas (both incremental and radical concepts)
    • Elaborating, refining, analyzing and evaluating their own ideas in order to improve and maximize creative efforts
    • Acting on creative ideas to make a tangible and useful contribution to the field in which the innovation will occur