As part of the reopening protocols, we are required to have a Contingency Plan for closure of in-person operations. Below is a description of how our plan will be implemented if the need arises. Please note that any closure, partial or full, will come by direction of the Los Angeles County Health Department or any other organization with authority to implement closure of in-person learning due to health and safety concerns for both students and staff. While this plan is a requirement based on the experience of COVID-19, it serves as a plan for anytime a full in or partial closure of in-person operations is needed. 

    Communication of Closure

    Should the District be ordered to close in-person operations, the first communication will come from the Superintendent. The Superintendent will inform all stakeholders (staff and parents) of the need to close. The Superintendent will provide as much information as has been made available by the agency recommending or initiating the closure and next steps of action as well as additional communication they will be receiving. School sites will then follow with communication needed pertaining to their particular sites and next steps the District and school site is taking in providing educational services to the students during the closure. If the closure is specific to only one site or department, that communication to stakeholders impacted will come from the site administrator and the Superintendent will inform the Board and management. 

    There are three models of distance learning instruction that may be implemented to continue to service students during a closure:

    Hybrid Model

    Only for students who are receiving in-person instruction and are required to move into this model if an outbreak occurs and a partial or full closure is required. While quarantined, students will be required to participate in virtual synchronous instruction during normal school hours. After the quarantine is over, students will return to the inperson model.

    Full Closure

    All operations at the school site are closed and the whole school would go into a Hybrid Model in which instruction would be conducted virtually during the time of closure. If the teacher of record is not able to provide the instruction during quarantine due to illness, a substitute will be provided. 

    Partial Closure

    All operations in a specific classroom are closed and only that classroom or classrooms would have to go into a Hybrid Model. If the teacher of record is not able to provide the instruction during quarantine due to illness a substitute will be provided. 

    Individual Quarantine and Independent Studies

    Any time a student is unable to attend school due to required quarantine based on direction given by the District nurse or health provider, parents may place them on short-term independent studies. School sites will follow independent studies policies. Policies identify the requirements for specific students. Additionally, Bellflower Unified will ensure that it provides equitable access to distance learning for English learners, foster youth and youth experiencing homelessness, and students receiving special education services by having Directors and Program Administrators who oversee these programs work collaboratively with site administrators in providing additional resources and supports needed to access distance learning and helping to communicate those resources to parents and caregivers of these specific students. The outreach will be documented.

    Equitable Access to Distance Learning

    Bellflower Unified is committed to working with every student to focus on providing access to devices and reliable internet should distance learning be needed.  The District will work with District and Site support staff to ensure that it provides equitable access to English learners, foster youth, students experiencing homelessness and students who receive special education services.  This will be done by providing:

    • Digital learning devices and tools to students who do not have access
    • Providing free WiFi access

    Teachers and Service providers will be asked to verify that these resources have been provided and work with families to provide if needed.  Additionally, the District will implement some of the following steps depending on the needs of each student as a way of meeting individual needs. 

    • Determine how IEPs and 504 plans can be implemented remotely while ensuring students have access to the accommodations, scaffolds, and assistive technologies they need  
    • Hold IEP and 504 meetings remotely to ensure continued services for students and the involvement of families in the IEP process. 
    • Maintain the process for identifying and assessing ELLs to ensure all students receive the language support they need to complete grade-appropriate content 
    • Examine how student pacing differs when learning online and how to adjust workloads based on how long it takes students to complete assignments

    Site administrators, in collaboration with District Program Administrators and Directors who oversee programs supporting English Learners, Foster Youth and Homeless Students will monitor implementation and work on providing the resources and support needed.