• School Reopening Update

    Understanding Criteria for School Reopening

    • Newsom’s Safe Schools for All Plan 
      • Does not currently have legislative approval for funding connected to reopening
      • Allows schools in counties that are in the Purple Tier to reopen for K-6 when they reach 25 cases per 100,000 and recommends a phased reopening
      • Rapid decline 78.3/100,000, 48.7/100,000, 38.7/100,000 
      • Requires testing for both teachers and staff who are symptomatic or asymptomatic in accordance with CDPH testing cadence
    • Tiered reopening 
      • Red Tier for five days - all schools may reopen 
      • Case rate between 4.0-7.0/100,000
      • Requires testing less frequently

    Both return options allow for students to remain on Distance Learning or Independent Study.

    COVID Prevention Program

    • Posted on District website under COVID tab
      • Includes information on 
        • Identification and evaluation of COVID -19 hazards; employee participation, employee screening
        • Correction of COVID-19 hazards
        • Control of hazards
          • Including physical distancing and face coverings;  engineering controls including air filtration, plexiglass, cleaning and disinfecting, hand sanitizing, PPE
        • Investigating and responding to COVID-19 cases
        • System for communicating
        • Training and instruction
          • Including exclusion of COVID-19 cases
        • Reporting, recordkeeping and access
        • Return to work criteria

    Current Vaccine Information

    • Vaccinations are optional at this time
      • Current approved vaccinations are only for individuals 16 and older
      • Vaccinations are in short supply
      • Vaccinations are allocated based on populations by health department
      • LADPH is still in Tier IA
        • Educators are in Tier IB
      • While BUSD will not be a vaccination site, we will work with community partners to prioritize vaccination of employees who want the vaccination

    Return to School Survey

    Response Rate Breakdown

    As of February 4, 2021:

    • 4,019 parents responded
    • Representing 5,159 students
    • High School responses = 48% of total responses
    • Elementary responses = 52% of total responses 

    Total District Enrollment = 10,754 (47.97%)

    Parent Preference for 2020-2021 School Year

    Image showing response rate.  53% want Distance Learning, 45% want in person instructin, 2% want independent study.

    Parent Preference for 2021-2022 School Year

    Results for 2021-2022 school year. 5% not returning, 13% Only full day instruction, 49% any in person instruction, 33% DL.

    Return to School Survey

    The survey will remain open for parents that have not yet completed it.  Click here to access the survey in EnglishClick here to access the survey in Spanish.