• President's Message

    It is an honor to serve as an elected official as the Board President for the Bellflower Unified Board of Education.  Bellflower Unified serves over 10,000 students with a graduation rate of 94.3%.  We offer a variety of educational K-12 educational programs to help support and challenge the educational needs of students.   This is possible with the support of our certificated and classified staff, the partnership of other organizations and leadership that is dedicated to building futures.  

    With the support of my fellow board members, our goal is to make decisions based on the best interest of students while continuing to keep our District fiscally solvent. We are the only District in LA County that is fiscally independent, which means that we hold a higher level of responsibility as a governing Board.  That responsibility is embraced. As the Board President, my goal is to work with my fellow Board members and serve all the students in the District.  

    While everyone's voice matters, we as a Board will focus on the interest of those voices as a whole to keep us unified. I have previously served for three years on the Board and look forward to providing leadership that will put practices in place that will sustain and help us move forward for the benefit of students.  Education has evolved and, as an educator myself, I understand the need to reflect and provide service that mirrors changes needed while still keeping priorities centered around the role of education.    


School Board President Renita Armstrong