• Digital Citizenship Resource Information for Parents

    What is Digital Citizenship?

    Digital Citizenship at its core is the ability of users to navigate our digital environments in a way that is safe and responsible.  It helps guide users so they can actively and respectfully engage in both public and private digital environments.

    Responsible Digital Citizens

    Responsible Digital Citizens have empathy and build communities.  They use technology in a positive way and share information responsibly.  Responsible digital citizens respect the rights and privacy of others and act in an ethical way.  Below are some examples of these types of behaviors.

    Empathy and Community Building Behaviors

    • Remember that there is a real person behind the screen when responding to other users’ comments
    • Reaching out to help if someone being cyberbullied is observed
    • If angry, take a break before responding to give time to reflect and think about their response
    • Reporting harassment when it is seen in the digital environment
    • Speaking out to help shape the values of online communities in a positive way

    Using Technology in a Positive Way

    • Connecting with friends and family
    • Becoming an active citizen in communities
    • Remembering digital media use and digital tools should be used for specific purposes and at specific times

    Sharing Information Responsibly

    • Only sharing information that I have permission to share.  If the information is private, it should not be shared.
    • Making sure the information that is shared comes from reputable sources
    • Sharing information that is accurate, useful, and reliable
    • Challenging misinformation when it is presented

    Rights and Privacy of self and others

    • Using tools, settings, and preferences on social media platforms to manage my information and privacy
    • Respecting the privacy of others and their own personal information
    • Ethically accessing content such as music, games and videos
    • Making sure to give credit to those who created the content, never claim it as your own