Instructions for Accessing Online Materials

  • Science TE Online for Grades 1-6

    1-6 Science

    1. Go to
    2. Click on California, select Science
    3. Click the Science box and on the next webpage, below the first book choice, click the blue colored eBooks link just below it.
    4. username is elemscienceteacher
    5. password is science

    Science TE for Kindergarten

    1. Go to
    2. Click on California, select Science
    3. Click the Science box on the next webpage, below the first book choice, click the blue colored eBooks link just below it.
    4. Username is lfscience
    5. Password is science


    McGraw Hill Education: Wonders (Gr. TK-5)/Study Sync (Gr 6-12): Online Teacher Edition, Student Edition, and Resources

    1. Go to: ConnectEd
    2. Enter User Name and Password
    3. Username: lasflores
    4. Password: Leopard1
    5. Choose the Teacher Edition or Student Edition for the textbook you need


    For any guidance required using the website, call Tech Support at 

    800-437-3715   Monday - Friday 7 AM - 8 PM EST

    Eureka Math TE / Teach Eureka Online for Teachers

     Pre-K to 5 Math

    2. Login (top right corner of screen)
    3. Use generic account, do not change contact info or password
    4. Username:
    5. Password: TeachEureka
    6. My dashboardàscroll with arrows until you reach the square that reads “EUREKA BASIC CURRICULUM FILES”
    7. Launch product
    8. Select “A Story of Units”
    9. Select grade level
    10. Select moduleà here you will find the Teacher Edition, Student Classwork, Homework, and Templates, and Sprint and Fluency, Exit Tickets, and Assessment Materials

     Go Math Grade 6 

    If you have an existing teacher account in, please follow these steps to gain access to your product:

    1. Go to and enter the user name and password that you previously registered on Holt McDougal Online
    2. Enter the Teacher's Edition ISBN in the white box located in the left side panel. When prompted, enter the Secure Word. 9780544207011, “California.”
    3. You will then see a registration confirmation screen.

    If you do not have a teacher account in, please follow these steps to register you and your Students to access your product:

    New User Registration for Teachers

    1. Go to
    2. Choose Teacher and Secure Word Email and then click Register.
    3. Enter the required information.
    4. Read the Terms of Use and click I agree.
    5. Select School from the dropdown.
    6. Enter the product ISBN and click on the Next button.
    7. Enter the appropriate Security Word (found in the Teacher's Edition as well as in the table above) and complete your product registration. 9780544207011, “California.”

     In order for students to gain access to, teachers will need to create classes and then add students to those classes. Refer to the steps below for detailed instructions to create a class and add students:

    1. Go to to log in if you are not logged in already.
    2. Select Add a Class from the Learning Management Center on the right.
    3. Type the desired information in the fields, check the appropriate product to associate with this class and click Add. The class will be added and the Add Students page will appear.
    4. Select the One Log In/Password box to determine if the students(s) in your class are already registered with Holt Online Learning. If you see the name of the student(s) that you would like to add to your class in the box labeled My School, select the student's name and click Add. You should see the name appear in the box on the right labeled My Class. Once you've added all your students, click Done.
    5. If you do NOT see the name(s) of the student(s) that you would like to add to your class, select Add New Students at the bottom of your screen. Choose the number of desired students from the Number of Students drop-down menu, fill out the appropriate student information and click Add. The students will be added and their username and password information will displa
    6. For a printable version of your class roster, click Printable Version or go to View a Class Roster under the Learning Management Center. NOTE: You can cut along the lines of your printed class roster and distribute user names and passwords to students and/or parents.
    7. Repeat as necessary for additional classes.

    Note: The maximum number of students that can be added at once is 40.

    Tech Support



    1. Go to ST Math Website
    2. Click on JiJithe penguin.
    3. Click on the Homework
    4. Enter student’s password.
    5. Enter your school name and press Enter. The school name isLas Flores Educational Center.
    6. Begin playing assigned homework or click the green objectives button at the bottom to play objectives that have been completed.

    Tip: If there is no homework assigned, access previously played content by clicking on the Replay Games button.

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